Yanick Küchler is a freeride skier, trailrunner and based in Engelberg, Switzerland. Transitioning from his roots in track and field running to mountain pursuits and freeriding, Yanick’s childhood in the heart of Switzerland, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, ignited his passion for outdoor photography and videography.

Embracing challenges and seeking adventures, Yanick thrives in Engelberg’s winter playground, indulging in freeriding and ski touring, and, come summer, engaging in mountain biking and climbing. His love for sports and content creation drives him to capture the essence of mountain life. Whether conquering powder, summiting peaks, or scaling rock faces, Yanick consistently seeks new challenges, documenting his experiences in captivating images and films.

Yanick’s portfolio reflects a fusion of outdoor, adventure, biking, skiing, and lifestyle, all set against the backdrop of scenic landscapes. Inspired by the endless possibilities and challenges in his backyard, Yanick is not only pushing his own limits but also inspiring others to embrace the thrill of mountain sports.

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