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Hi, my name is Yanick!
I’m a photographer and videographer with a big love for the outdoors based in Obwalden, Switzerland.


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Ultimate Beginners Equipment Guide for Backcountry Camping

Wild camping is becoming more popular and many people are looking for a new adventure. But what equipment do you need for camping in the great outdoors?In the following article you will find everything you should have with you on a wild camping trip. Over the last few years I have gained a lot of experience in backcountry camping. I tested all kinds of equipment that you might need for camping in the backcountry. From my personal experiences I know exactly what you should have with you when wild camping. Backpacks for camping To carry all your gear as comfortably

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Abgschütz Biwak Älggi Alp Obwalden - Foto von Yanick Küchler

Abgschütz Bivouac – Älggi-Alp

The Abgschütz Bivouac is an emergency hut in the Swiss-Alps. It’s located between Melchsee-Frutt and Älggi-Alp. In the heart of Switzerland lies the beautiful Älggi-Alp. Älggi is the geographical centre of Switzerland. On the cosy alp you will also find a good restaurant and lots of cows. Just above the Älggi-Alp is the Abgschütz. This is mainly known as the transition from Melchsee-Frutt to Älggi and is not necessarily considered a mountain in its own right. There is an emergency hut on the Abgschütz, which is also called the Abgschütz bivouac.  In the bivouac there are tables, benches and a

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